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I know it’s hard to make friends as an adult. 

That’s why I founded FriendHer, and I hope you will join me in my journey to build a community that is Inclusive, Respectful and Compassionate. 


A Safe Place, without judgement for Women to come Together and Make new Friends

🌟 the friendher story🌟 

Hey there! My name is Kristy and I’ve got a story to share with you that’s full of adventure, growth, and love 💕

I grew up in the Southwest of Western Australia with my Mum, Dad and 3 siblings. 

But, after making some bad choices, being in toxic relationships, and hurting the people I loved the most, I knew it was time for a change. 

So, I packed up my whole life into my little Mazda 3 and sent it off to Darwin, NT where I started working at the gas plant.

And let me tell you, Darwin is a BEAUTIFUL place! 🌴  I didn’t know anyone there, but by the end of my first weekend, I had already made some incredible friends. 

Everyone was so warm and welcoming, it was hard not to make friends. Two years went by and I got an amazing opportunity to move to Yamba, NSW for work.

Yamba is a tiny town with a population of approx. 6000. It’s located on the coast and has a lot of surf, spirituality, and love. It’s where I met the people I now call my best friends, and where I truly felt at home. 

But, life had other plans and I had to move to the big smoke (Brisbane) for a short period of time. Unfortunately, I had to come back to WA due to a family tragedy.

I was back home, but something just wasn’t right. I felt more alone than ever before. COVID made things even worse, and I was struggling mentally.

 I missed my friends from the other side of the country, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find my tribe in Perth. I mean, a girl needs her friends, right?

So, I decided to make a very vulnerable post on a Facebook group. 

I was expecting negative comments, but instead, 15 queens reached out to me. 

We all committed to meet up for what we jokingly called “blind dating for friends” in Fremantle.

That one post has turned into Friendher, a community where ladies of Perth and surrounds can come together to make friends, have fun, and be their true selves. 

Our events are inclusive, judgement-free, and a safe space for everyone.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing women I’ve met through Friendher. 

They’ve shown me what true friendship is, and have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

If you’re in Perth and looking to make new friends, come join us at Friendher! 💖

Kristy Lloyd, Friendher Founder



👋 Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel anxious attending events alone for the first time!

In fact, 32% of women in Australia will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives, and 1 in 7 currently experience it.

But guess what?

80% of our attendees come solo, so you won’t be alone!

Plus, I’ll be there to greet you at the door and guide you through the event.

Before the event, I’ll even send you an email with my phone number, so you can call me if you’re nervous and need someone to meet you at the door.

And don’t worry about what to wear – I’ll send a picture of my outfit as an example, but you should dress however makes you comfortable.

The best part?

Everyone at the event is just like you – nervous, but excited to make new friends! We’ll have fun activities to get everyone mingling, and before you know it, you’ll be wishing the event never ends.

So come join us at FriendHer and empower yourself with new friendships! 🎉💪

proudly supporting

Friendher is proud to announce we are a Community Partner supporting Worthy Australia

Worthy Australia is a Perth based not-for-profit organisation that provides life changing support to women & children who have experienced homelessness due to domestic violence.

Friendher has pledged a donation from every ticket sold to support Worthy Australia

That just by you attending a Friendher event you are supporting women and children who are experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence.


Kristy Lloyd


Teagan Stewart

Photographer, Babe + Bare

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